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Episode 167 - Abbey Downey Author Chat

February 21, 2024
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 167 - Abbey Downey Author Chat
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Abbey Downey, a first-time guest, joins us on the podcast this week to talk about her new book, An Uncertain Road. It's the fascinating story about a woman driving a race car in 1905. We chat about the research she had to do for the book, how she got her start in writing fiction, and the farmhouse built in 1900 that she and her husband are bringing back to life. Patrons get to hear what her pen name used to be and why she chose it.

An Uncertain Road by Abbey Downey

A female auto racer, a mechanic determined to walk away from the sport, and the race of a lifetime…

When young widow Flora Montfort returns to America, she’s determined to use her training in auto racing to support herself and her French mother-in-law—even if female drivers are rare in 1905. So when the owner of a successful sporting goods store hires her to drive in the Glidden Tour, a ten-day race through New England, she jumps at the opportunity.

Jensen Gable must be convinced that joining the team as the ride-along mechanic is worth the risk. After losing his best friend in a tragic racing accident, Jensen has vowed never to participate in the sport again. But his promise to protect that friend’s younger brother, also on the tour, is the only thing that outweighs his fear of the dangers.

As they race through New England, Flora and Jensen find common ground that ignites their interest in each other, but doubts and old enemies come between them. Hazardous road conditions, meddling locals, and competitors who’ll stop at nothing to win—they all conspire to prevent Flora and Jensen from reaching the finish line. As the race of a lifetime heats up, one question rises above all others…can their love find the road that leads to forever?

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Hi, I’m Abbey. I write sweet, uplifting romance. Usually historical, always including faith. I love creating stories with strong heroines, heroes who do the right thing in the end, and historical details that add a dash of fun.

While writing has always been the best way I could make sense of the world, I never dreamed it would also one day be my career. It took many job changes and false starts before God led me to write stories.

The first of three books in my Adventurous Hearts series from Wild Heart Books will be released in February 2024. I also have two books published with Love Inspired Historical (under the pen name Mollie Campbell).

Please continue to check here, follow my social media, or sign up to receive my newsletter for information about upcoming books.

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