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Episode 166 - Jamie Ogle Author Chat

February 14, 2024
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 166 - Jamie Ogle Author Chat
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Jamie Ogle is our guest on the podcast this week, and she's here for the first time. Her new book, Of Love and Treason, is her fictionalized version of St. Valentine, so perfectly appropriate for this time of year. We chat about her research, her struggle with the end of the book, and her hobby of beekeeping, among other things. What a great book, endorsed by Francine Rivers! Patrons get to hear about the very first story she ever wrote. 

Valentine defies the emperor and becomes a hero . . . and the most wanted man in the empire. Compelled by his faith, he has nothing to lose, until a chance encounter with the daughter of a Roman jailor changes everything.

Rome, AD 270. In the wake of the emperor’s marriage ban, rumors swirl that there is one man brave enough to perform wedding ceremonies in secret. A public notarius and leader of an underground church, Valentine believes the emperor’s edict unjust and risks his own life for the sake of his convictions. But as his fame grows, so do fears for his safety.

Iris, the daughter of a Roman jailor, believes regaining her sight will ease the mounting troubles at home. Her last hope rests in searching out Valentine and his church, but the danger of associating with people labeled a threat to the empire is great. Still, as Iris's new friends lead her to faith in God, Iris is drawn to Valentine and they both begin to hope for a future together beyond the treacherous empire.

But when a past debt and a staggering betrayal collide, Valentine, Iris, and everyone they love must fight for their lives . . . and wrestle with trusting a God who can restore sight yet does not always keep His followers from peril.

Get your copy of Of Love and Treason.

Learn more about Jamie

I'm Jamie Ogle, award-winning author of historical fiction full of danger, (good) rebels, and deep faith.

​I grew up in northern Minnesota listening to my grandparents tell stories from their youth. Stories of fighting in WWII, of panning for gold in Alaska, of crossing the Nebraska prairies in a covered wagon during the Great Depression, of gypsies stealing chickens, of a city girl falling in love with a farmer.  Listening to them, I fell in love with stories, with history, with grit and perseverance. 

I also grew up listening to my parents read missionary stories to me and my sisters before bed. Those stories of faith, sacrifice, and courage inspired me even more.  I read everything I could get my hands on and started writing stories of my own. My first story was self-published and self-illustrated on a piece of cardboard, and I've never stopped writing since. I studied English and writing craft at Iowa State University and am a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). 

 My husband and I love to travel, and currently live in central Iowa where we can usually be found gardening, beekeeping, homeschooling, and tromping though the woods with our three young children. 

​Okay, that's enough about me. I'd love to connect with YOU! 

Drop a note on the Contact page, join my email list, or connect with me on Instagram or Facebook! I'd love to hear from you!