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Episode 165 - Jennifer Deibel Author Chat

February 07, 2024
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 165 - Jennifer Deibel Author Chat
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Jennifer Deibel returns to the podcast to talk about her latest release, The Irish Matchmaker. We chat about the true-to-life matchmaking festival that is the center of the novel, how she keeps the romance from becoming too predictable, and more. If you can find the Lord of the Rings reference in this story, contact Jennifer, and she'll send you a signed bookplate! Patrons of the show hear about her singing and dancing aspirations.

The Irish Matchmaker by Jennifer Deibel
As daughter of a well-known matchmaker, Catríona Daly is no stranger to the business of love--and sees it as her ticket away from the sleepy village that only comes alive during the annual matchmaking festival. Enter Lord Osborne's son, Andrew, who has returned to the festival after being disappointed by a rival matchmaker's failed setup. Catríona seizes the opportunity to make a better match for the handsome man--and for herself!

Cattle farmer Donal Bunratty is in desperate need of a wife after loss left him to handle the farm and raise his daughter on his own. Shy and lacking the finer social graces, he agrees to attend the matchmaking festival to appease his daughter. But when he arrives, it's not any of the other merrymakers that catch his eye but rather his matchmaker--who clearly has eyes for someone else.

Catríona will have to put all her expertise to work to make a match that could change her life forever. Will her plan succeed? Or will love have its own way?

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More about Jennifer.
"I’m Jennifer, but most people call me Jen. Just please don’t call me Jenny. As a wife, mom, full-time public-school teacher, and author, I’m right in the trenches alongside you as I work, serve the Lord, and love my family. I’ve just been blessed to get to do some of it in the west of Ireland and Vienna, Austria. However, after a decade of life overseas, we have settled back in America–in sunny Arizona!

I currently teach middle school English, and when I’m not working on school things, I’m spending time with my incredible family–my husband Seth and our 3 awesome kids–and writing.

There’s just something so intimate and uplifting about a good story, isn’t there? I write stories that explore home through the lens of faith, family, and culture–with the beauty and depth of Ireland coloring much of it. And all of my books aim to bring you all the charm of an Irish village, the beauty of the Emerald Isle, and the hope and encouragement of faith.

Not only do I write books, but I’m also honored to have been a monthly contributor at The Better Mom and have posts shared at (in)courage, Djibouti Jones, Tricia Goyer, Unveiled Wife, Intentional by Grace, and more."

Visit Jennifer Deibel's website.

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