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Episode 162 - Darlene Bocek Author Chat

January 17, 2024
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 162 - Darlene Bocek Author Chat
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Darlene Bocek is my guest this week on the show, and she comes to us all the way from Turkey to discuss her book, Trunk of Scrolls. This novel is set during the Byzantine period, so she tells us what time period that was and what was going on then, what life is like for her in Turkey, and the unique way you can contribute to getting this book distributed to the Turkish people because they have no Christian fiction market there. Patrons get to hear about her children who are flung all over the globe. 

Trunk of Scrolls by Darlene Bocek

"Trunk of Scrolls fell open and I fell in..."Dr. Michael S. Horton.

A.D. 526 The earth shakes like a beast awakening. Now Antioch, once the glory of Rome, lies in ruins--a broken-backed man that cannot stand. Marcellus, a sixteen year old Byzantine nobleman, takes up sword and wits to protect his young neighbors against wild animals, wild men, and a wild God they do not understand. Bearing a cursed betrothal ring, a lucky tooth of an infant saint, and a neglected trunkful of Scripture scrolls, can they survive a seven hundred mile journey to Constantinople to find their missing father and restore their lost fortune? Or will Marcellus stop this fated journey before it is too late? Kyrie Eleison. God have mercy. Trunk of Scrolls is a "on the edge of your seat" survival story. If you like fast-paced adventures, spontaneous young heroes, suspense-filled plots, and a dash of romance, then you'll love Trunk of Scrolls! Good for the whole family! Great for a curl-up-on-the-bed read.BUY it today! Take and Read!

Get your copy of Trunk of Scrolls by Darlene Bocek.

Contribute to Darlene Bocek's Kickstarter campaign and help get the book into the hands of the Turkish people.

Darlene Böcek and her family live in Izmir, Turkey. She and her family are  Marvel MCU, early Star Wars, and Twilight Zone fans. 

Besides being a pastor’s wife, Darlene is mom to four wonderful young adults: one skilled dentist, two hard-working dental students, and one high school student/Turkish TikTok influencer

The family lives on an  olive farm overlooking the Aegean Sea. To date, they have  twenty-four cats, three giant dogs, FOUR cute Havanese doggos and one African Grey parrot.

A native of  San Diego, California, she received a Bachelors Degree in Social Science with an Ancient Middle Eastern emphasis from Westmont College, and elementary and secondary teaching credentials from Southern California College.  She is connected to Westminster Theological Seminary of California  through her husband, Fikret.

She spends “most” of her time in front of the washing machine and her spare time writing (or vice-versa).

Visit Darlene Bocek's website.