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Episode 154 - Denise Weimer Author Chat

November 22, 2023
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 154 - Denise Weimer Author Chat
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Denise Weimer is a first-time guest on the podcast, but she's a long-time author, and it was my pleasure to welcome her to the show this week. Her new book is A Courageous Bethrotal, and we talk about how early settlers kept the pathers away, the real-life woman she based her heroine on, and the challenges of writing a novella. Patrons will hear about her love of old houses and what inspired it.

A Courageous Betrothal by Denise Weimer

A wounded lieutenant, a woman fierce enough to protect her family, and an American Revolution with everything at stake. 

Red-haired, freckle-faced, and almost six feet tall, Jenny White has resigned herself to fame over love. Possessing the courage and wits to guard her younger siblings against nature, natives, and loyalists in Georgia’s “Hornet’s Nest” gives life meaning until she meets scout Caylan McIntosh. 

From the time Jenny nurses the young lieutenant back to health after the Battle of Kettle Creek, she can’t deny her attraction to the vexing Highlander, who seems determined to dismantle her emotional armor. But when Georgia falls to the British and Caylan returns to guide Jenny’s family on a harrowing exodus into the North Carolina mountains, will his secrets prove stronger than his devotion? Or will their love be courageous enough to carry them through the battles ahead?

Get your copy of A Courageous Betrothal  by Denis Weimer.

You can purchase book one of the "Georgia Scouts" series, A Counterfeit Betrothal, here.

You can purchase book three, A Cherished Betrothal, here.

Preorder your copy of When Hope Sank, part of Barbour Publishing's series "A Day to Remember."

North Georgia native Denise Weimer has authored a dozen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas—historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and time slip. Former managing editor for Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas’ two historical imprints, she serves as Acquisitions & Editing Liaison for Wild Heart Books and as a freelance editor, helping other authors reach their publishing dreams. A wife and mother of two daughters, Denise always pauses for coffee, chocolate, and old houses.

Visit Denise Weimer's website.