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Episdoe 152 - Jennifer Lynn Cary Author Chat

November 09, 2023
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episdoe 152 - Jennifer Lynn Cary Author Chat
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Jennifer Lynn Cary visits the podcast this week and chats about her book, Runaround Sue. We talk about cover design (you have to see the covers for all the books in this series), what Kokomo, Indiana, was like in the 60s and 70s, and about Vietnam and Vietnam vets. Patrons get to hear about her passion for crochet and what her most challenging project has been. 

Runaround Sue by Jennifer Lynn Cary

She gave away something precious…

…He lost a part of himself.

Can they find a way to help each other heal?

Sue is hiding out until she is sure her former reputation won’t destroy what she’s trying to rebuild. Unfortunately, that means this brilliant wordsmith turned semi-hermit is working beneath her potential and dealing with stress every time her office door opens.

The last thing she needs to do is greet some biker guy who sets her nerves to jumping just by being in the same room. And if his hairy face isn’t enough to put her off, the mere fact that he’s male is.

So why does she keep ending up in his presence?

Mac is home from Viet Nam and if he never thinks about that place again, it will be too soon. Instead he’s returned to his music that got him through his teen years, his exotic senior trip overseas (thanks to his Uncle Sam), and the deep wound that he brought home with him. Using his GI bill to further his music understanding has pushed him outside his comfort zone, but the leggy secretary at his professor’s office is tempting him with other ideas he thought he’d shelved for good.

Even if she gets flustered every time he runs into her.

What will it take for her to give him a chance? Or is she more wounded than he is?

Return to 1972 Kokomo, Indiana for the third installment of The Weather Girls Wedding Shoppe and Venue series—Runaround Sue—and what happens when people discover who God has called them to be.

You will love Runaround Sue, inspired by Dion and the Belmonts’ 1960s hit song, because everyone understands about facing fears with a do-over.

Get your copy of Runaround Sue by Jennifer Lynn Cary.

My name is Jennifer Lynn Cary.I am a retired teacher, an ardent fan of crocheting and a DIY kind of girl.Oh, and I write. A lot.The guy with the sweetest kiss in the world is my hubs of more than 40 years, affectionately known as Mr. Grumpy Pants.Together we’ve raised three of the most beautiful and intelligent daughters ever, who were smart enough to marry three of the most handsome and wonderful young men around. I have often said my sons-in-law are the best on the planet. You’re going to have to trust me on this.And then there are the grands. Yep, I know I don’t look it, but I am a grandmother of an ingenious seventh grader–Stinkerbelle–and a precocious toddler–Stinkerpoo,  and his little sister-baby Stinkerella. They make me laugh, cry, and brag more than I ever expected.I saved the most important of all for last. I am a child of the King of kings. He has blessed me beyond reason and has never left me alone. I write for His glory.That’s me. There’s more I could add, but for now, that’s enough of an introduction.

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