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Episode 129 - Author Chat with Mesu Andrews

May 24, 2023 Liz Tolsma
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 129 - Author Chat with Mesu Andrews
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The always lovely Mesu Andrews stops by the podcast this week to chat about her new book, In Feast and Famine. It's a fascinating look at Joseph and his wife, as well as the return of Joseph's brothers. We talk about the very, very historical story that helped her springboard the novel and why we as humans are naturally creative. 

I do apologize that again there is no bonus question. This was also recorded when my dad was very ill, and my mind was really at the hospital. Don't worry - I'm remembering them again! I'll also soon have a list of our June recordings so you can get some questions ready for the authors. 

In Feast or Famine by Mesu Andrews 

Thrust into an arranged marriage, the daughter of ancient Egypt’s high priest plays a pivotal role in Joseph’s biblical narrative in this powerful novel from the award-winning author of Potiphar’s Wife.

After four-year-old Asenath’s mother is murdered by Egypt’s foreign rulers, the child is raised to be a priestess by her overprotective father—high priest of Egypt’s sun god. For fifteen years, Asenath is sequestered in the upper levels of Ra’s temple, convinced it is her destiny to heal the land by becoming queen to the next Egyptianpharaoh. But when Egypt’s foreign king instead gives her as a bride to the newly appointed vizier—a Hebrew named Joseph—her entire world is shaken. 

Beyond the walls of her tower, Asenath discovers treachery, deceit, and conspiracy that force her to redefine her destiny and weigh where her true loyalties lie. Can she still trust the gods of Egypt? Or is Elohim, the foreign God of her husband, the one who will heal her nation during the feast and famine to come?

Get your copy of In Feast or Famine by Mesu Andrews. 

Get the first book in the series, Potiphar's Wife. 

Get to know Mesu Andrews

I’ve been married to Roy Andrews since 1984—who I’ve known since we were both third-graders. You can read more about our story in my Personal Testimony. We have two grown daughters. They’re married now and presenting us with adorable grand babies—our reward for not killing them when they were children. Family adds the spice to my life and keeps my nose buried in my Bible!

During my younger years, I was an over-the-top extrovert; however, in 1997 My Chronic Illness Battle began a transformation that changed the core of my being. I once thrived on people, teaching, speaking. DO-ing ministry of every kind, but when I could no longer DO ministry the way I’d once done it, I had to learn a new way to BE content. You can download a free copy of the Daily Scripture Prayer that helped me through that transition.

God never wastes our suffering, and it was during those long hours, days, and weeks in bed that my passion for biblical novels awakened. Now I love to read it AND write it. I’ll share frequent book reviews of those books I love to read, and the biblical novels I write are listed in Mesu’s Books. Just click to each book’s individual page, and you’ll find various goodies: downloadable Bible studies, group discussion questions, and more!