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Episode 128 - Sherri Wilson Johnson Author Chat

May 17, 2023 Liz Tolsma
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 128 - Sherri Wilson Johnson Author Chat
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Sherri Wilson Johnson, aka my very talented and very fabulous VA, stops by the show this week to chat about her new book, A Season at the Grand. We talk about her writing process, why she always has to slip a little bit of suspense into all of her books, and what movies she and her husband like to watch. Or rather, what movies they compromise on! Take a listen. You're going to love her and her books as much as I do!

A Season at the Grand by Sherri Wilson Johnson

Can the perfect picture reveal the truth before it’s too late? 

Photographer Amelia Harris has had enough of her aunts' meddling matchmaking. So when The Photographic Times commissions her to spend the summer on Mobile Bay taking portraits of the elite and capturing nature for penny postcards, Amelia happily accepts. But this job is not as simple as it appears, and Amelia must defend against naysayers if she’s to ever gain respect in a man's world. And that doesn't leave any room for romance.

Point Clear Resort General Manager Titus Overton never wanted the position he inherited when his cousin passed away. If it were up to him, he would be traveling with the Audubon Society to far-off places, enjoying the solitude of nature instead of providing relaxation for his guests. And now he has to deal with the big-city photographer stomping her way through sand dunes that house the migratory birds nesting there. But when she reveals an admiration for his feathered friends, it reawakens a longing in his heart he'd buried after the death of his fiancé.

When threats arise against Amelia and the other resort guests, Titus knows he must step in to help. But she insists they trust God for deliverance. How can he turn to a God who took away his first beloved?

As the danger closes in, he must find the courage to overcome his past before someone gets hurt—especially the woman he’s come to love.

Get your copy of A Season at the Grand.

Meet Sherri Wilson Johnson:
I love everything about writing and reading. Books are my favorite!

I love reading books by other Christian Romantic Suspense authors like C.D. Gill, Christy Barritt, Patricia Bradley and Nancy Mehl. I also love Historical Romance by authors like Misty M. Beller.

When I’m not writing, I’m usually working my day job as a virtual assistant to authors and other publishing professionals or designing book coversand helping people realize their dreams of becoming an author by formatting and publishing their books for them on Amazon and other retailers.

I live in Georgia with my husband and our two dogs. I love spending time with my adult children and my friends or curling up with a good book or my current work-in-progress. I enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles in the winter and count the days every year until I can take another trip to the beach.

Visit Sherri's website.