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Episode 113 - Terri J. Haynes Author Chat

January 19, 2023 Liz Tolsma / Terri J. Haynes Season 3 Episode 3
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 113 - Terri J. Haynes Author Chat
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Terri J. Haynes joins me on the podcast this week, and boy, did we have a fun chat! We talked about her dual timeline novel, Passages of Hope, which is part of Barbour Publishing's "Doors to the Past" series. It's a wonderful book about the Underground Railroad and its legacy. We also chat about her dream when she was in elementary school to get locked inside a library for the night. Doesn't that sound like fun? She almost pulled it off! There was so much more we chatted about. Be sure to take a listen. 

Passages of Hope by Terri J. Haynes

Gracie Kingston begins renovations on the Philadelphia house inherited from her grandmother and finds a secret room. It is connected to a house nearby, the home of William Still, the man known as the father of the Underground Railroad. As she researches, she discovers a mystery in her house’s ownership. In 1855, Olivia Kingston helps a mother and her young child by hiding them in a secret room in her home. As she helps, she learns that there may be an impostor conductor in their community. As Gracie’s and Olivia’s stories intertwine, they learn the meaning of sacrifice and love.

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Terri J. Haynes, a native Baltimorean, is a prolific knitter and owner of a hand-dyed yarn company, freelance graphic artist, and former Army wife (left the Army, not the husband). She loves to read, so much that when she was in elementary school, she masterminded a plan to be locked in a public library armed with only a flashlight to read all the books and peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She is a storyteller at heart. Her passion is to draw readers into the story world she has created and to bring laughter and joy to their lives.

Terri’s non-fiction publishing credits include Cup of Comfort for Military Families,, Publisher’s Weekly. Her traditionally published credits include four novellas and one full-length novel. Terri has also self-published one full-length novel and six novellas. 
Terri holds a Master's degree in Theological Studies and a certificate in creative writing and graphic design. She and her husband pastor a church where she serves as executive pastor and worship leader. Terri lives in Maryland with her three wonderful children and her husband, who often beg her not to kill off their favorite characters.​

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