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Episode 110 - Tessa Afshar Author Chat

December 29, 2022 Liz Tolsma / Tessa Afshar Season 2 Episode 48
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 110 - Tessa Afshar Author Chat
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Tessa Afshar is our very special guest on the podcast this week. She is a brilliant and humble and lovely woman who happens to be a fabulous author of novels set in biblical times. Being of Persian descent, she is uniquely qualified to write this particular novel, The Hidden Prince, which starts out in the household of Daniel during the time of the exile and moves to Media during the course of the story.

She shares with us what a particular burden it is to write fiction that contains real-life biblical characters, what research is like for these books, and how she's gotten into cooking and baking ancient recipes - sometimes without a recipe or even the knowledge of what exactly were the ingredients! 

Please take a listen to this wonderful interview. You'll leave feeling like Tessa's friend.

The Hidden Prince by Tessa Afshar
From the bestselling author of Jewel of the Nile comes the thrilling tale of a woman who feels she has no future but soon discovers the fate of nations may rest in her hands.

The beloved daughter of Jewish captives in Babylon, Keren is sold into Daniel’s household to help her family survive. She becomes Daniel’s most trusted scribe, while taking lessons and swordsmanship training alongside Daniel’s sons and their best friend, Jared.

But after a tragic accident changes the course of her life, Keren finds herself in a foreign country, charged with a mysterious task: teaching a shepherd boy how to become a lord. When she overhears whispers that hint at his true identity, she realizes she must protect him from the schemes of a bloodthirsty king.

Jared cannot forgive Keren. Still, he finds himself traveling over mountains to fetch her back to the safety of home. When he discovers the secret identity of Keren’s pupil, Jared knows he must help protect him. Love battles bitterness as they flee from the king’s agents, trying to save the boy who could one day deliver their people from captivity.

Get your copy of The Hidden Prince by Tessa Afshar.

Meet Tessa:

Hospitality holds a special significance for the people of the Middle East.

Since that is where I was born, let me take a moment to welcome you properly. I am so glad you are visiting! Grab a cup of something refreshing and sit with me for a minute.

Whether writing novels or non-fiction, I try to help my readers internalize these truths.

God is invested in redeeming your life. He considers you His treasure and calls you His beloved. His Son, Jesus, is never far from you. He has set His affections on you and desires to heal your heart, forgive your failures, and renew your hope.

I write books that try to capture these truths . . . about you, and about God.

In my novels, you will find laughter and tears.

You may find love stories that capture your imagination. But my dearest hope is that by the last page, you are closer to God, and closer to your true self.

In my Bible study and DVD teaching, I try to make room for God to carve these truths deeper into your soul until you grow in your faith. Until you become more of the blessing God designed you to be.

If that sounds good, why don’t you linger with me a while? I want you to know, I just finished praying for you.

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