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Episode 90 - Author Chat with Judy Du Charme

August 09, 2022 Liz Tolsma/ Judy Du Charme Season 2 Episode 28
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 90 - Author Chat with Judy Du Charme
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Lainey of the Door Islands
Take a step back in time to Door County in the 1800s, a time when lighthouse keepers couldn't give up, or lives would be lost. A time when storms on the lakes were as dangerous as the storms in their souls. A time when the people of the islands had to be strong and courageous. A time for Lainey of the Door Islands to become the woman God wants her to be.

For Lainey, life on tiny Pilot Island is more trouble than it's worth. Auntie Edith is always fussing at her and making her do chores, and Uncle Otis spends a lot of time manning the lighthouse. Each day, Lainey stares out at the Great Lakes, praying this will be the day that brings her parents home to her from their travels. Will she ever come to love the islands and their treacherous waters, which seem to only bring a lot of shipwrecks and heartache to the people who live on the islands? Will she ever be able to go home?

With humor, faith, friendship, and love to guide her, will Lainey find the strength to weather her own storms? Lainey of the Door Islands will touch your heart and show you that even in what feels like the worst circumstances, God has a plan to prosper and not to harm.

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Addy of the Door Islands by Judy Du Charm
When Addy and her sister Molly step off the Orphan Train Steamer in Ephraim, Wisconsin, no one waits for them. Hopes for a family that would treat them kindly while they worked for them are gone. Addy determines to find a job and care for her sister, but that presents problems she can’t quite handle. Even though Mr. Captain offers to help the girls find a home, Addy is convinced no one will ever want them. She’s just too much trouble and too impetuous. Besides, those pesky feelings of abandonment stalk her heart. As Addy and Molly get to know the kind and strong people of Door County and its isolated islands, perhaps they will actually find a place to call home. But will they ever learn about the family they lost?

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About Judy

I was a teacher for 22 years, retiring in June of 2012.. I grew up in the small lakeside town of Harrisville in the northern part of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, the youngest of four children. Following college, Michigan State University, I worked as an announcer at a Christian Radio Station near Lansing. I married Lee in 1975 and we lived in the Detroit suburbs of Berkley and Royal Oak until moving to Wisconsin’s beautiful Door Peninsula in early 1984 with Bethany, age 5, and Christopher, age 3. It was a year or two later that I went back to school to obtain my teaching degree. I taught 5th grade my whole teaching career and loved it. Science was my area of specialty, teaching two or three 5th grade classes of science each year. Of course, reading, language, spelling, social studies, and math were part of my teaching as well. Each subject is unique in its own way.

All the while I was growing up I enjoyed writing short stories and poems. As an adult I put together my own Bible Studies and taught other adults in small groups or Sunday School classes. The desire to write was always in me, but the time commitment never quite seemed feasible. A few years ago the desire grew stronger, and I felt it was becoming a calling from the Lord.

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