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Episode 81 - Ann Gabhart Author Chat

June 02, 2022 Liz Tolsma/ Ann Gabhart Season 2 Episode 19
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 81 - Ann Gabhart Author Chat
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This week, we are so pleased to welcome Ann H. Gabhart back to the podcast. She was here last year to talk about her book Along a Storied Trail. Now she's out with a new book, and always the gracious guest, she is joining us again to talk about her latest release, a truly beautiful story, Christian historical romance at its best.

When the Meadow Blooms by Ann Gabhart
If any place on God's earth was designed to help one heal, it is Meadowland. Surely here, at her brother-in-law's Kentucky farm, Rose and her daughters can recover from the events of the recent past--the loss of her husband during the 1918 influenza epidemic, her struggle with tuberculosis that required a stay at a sanatorium, and her girls' experience in an orphanage during her illness. At Meadowland, hope blooms as their past troubles become rich soil in which their faith can grow.

Dirk Meadows may have opened his home to his late brother's widow and her girls, but he keeps his heart tightly closed. The roots of his pain run deep, and the evidence of it is written across his face. Badly scarred by a fire and abandoned by the woman he loved, Dirk fiercely guards his heart from being hurt again. But it may be that his visitors will bring light back into his world and unlock the secret to true healing.

Bestselling author Ann H. Gabhart explores the tender places within the human heart in this character-driven story of trusting God to turn our burdens into something beautiful.

Get your copy of When the Meadow Blooms.

Get to know Ann Gabhart.
"Hi, glad you could stop by to get to know me better. I’m a country girl, born and raised on a farm in the Outer Bluegrass region of Kentucky. I know you’re thinking horse farm, but no, not out my way. Mostly cows on the farms around here. My grandfather did have a big old workhorse when I was a little girl. My family grew tobacco and corn. We had a few milk cows, some hogs and sheep, but mostly beef cattle. I grew up working on the farm and enjoying the woods and animals. My roots go deep in the land, and I now live on a farm just a mile away from the farmhouse where I was born and raised.

I started writing when I was ten and have been writing ever since. My first published writings (personal experience pieces, youth stories, and poems) were in church periodicals. My first novel, A Forbidden Yearning, a historical romance about the settling of Kentucky, was published by Warner Books in 1978. Since then I’ve published over thirty other novels for adults and young adults. 

My husband and I were both very young when we married, but we defied the odds and are still married all these years later. That could be because we went to church together and were committed to the Christian life. We are blessed with three wonderful children who picked some great people to marry and now we have nine amazing grandchildren I spoil every chance I get.
I’ve been going to the same small country church since I was seventeen and I used my memories of how the church used to be in my Heart of Hollyhill books. My church was established in 1812 and it’s inspiring to think about all the people who have served the Lord there. 

And I do love to write in my office with big windows all around. Writing is what I’ve always wanted to do. The desire of my heart is to tell stories to readers like you. Thank you for reading!"

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