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Episode 76 - Author Chat with Ashley Clark

April 27, 2022 Liz Tolsma / Ashley Clark Season 2 Episode 14
Christian Historical Fiction Talk
Episode 76 - Author Chat with Ashley Clark
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This week, author Ashley Clark joins us to talk about her new book, Where the Last Rose Blooms. This fabulous read is a dual time novel set in present-day New Orleans and Charleston, South Carolina at the time of the Civil War. We delve into Victorian floriography (the language of flowers), what kind of tea is good to drink, and Ashley shares an encouraging word for anyone with a dream. 

Where the Last Rose Blooms by Ashley Clark
Alice runs a New Orleans flower shop alongside her aunt, but thoughts of her mother, who went missing during Hurricane Katrina, are never far from her mind. After getting off on the wrong foot with a handsome yet irritating man who comes to her shop, Alice soon realizes their worlds overlap--and the answers they both seek can be found in the same place.

In 1861 Charleston, Clara is known to be a rule follower--but the war has changed her. Unbeknownst to her father, who is heavily involved with the Confederacy, she is an abolitionist and is prepared to sacrifice everything for the cause. With assistance from a dashing Union spy, she attempts to help an enslaved woman reunite with her daughter. But things go very wrong when Clara agrees to aid the Northern cause by ferrying secret information about her father's associates.

Faced with the unknown, both women will have to dig deep to let their courage bloom.

Get your copy of Where the Last Rose Blooms by Ashley Clark.

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The Dress Shop on King Street, and book two, Paint and Nectar.

Ashley Clark is the acclaimed novelist of The Heirloom Secrets Series. She writes women's fiction set in the South, and her stories are filled with faith, sweet romance, and lots of family secrets. She loves all things vintage and the almost-forgotten stories of the past.

​Ashley finds her writing interests influenced by the spaces shared between femininity + strength, loss + legacy, and beauty + memory.

​She is an English adjunct instructor, a wife and homeschool mama, and she adores her adopted senior Cocker Spaniel.

Visit Ashley Clark's website.